Tax Returns Professionally Prepared

CPA's need a college degree, a state license, must have passed a rigorous state exam, must possess a specified level of experience, and must undergo ongoing, continuing professional education. This expertise means both peace of mind to you and money in your pocket. National Tax Preparers are all licensed CPA's. That's what sets us apart from the competition.

Businesses and Individuals

Businesses, as well as Individuals, can confidently turn to National Tax Preparers because we have nearly 20 years of experience preparing tax returns for taxpayers in all different tax brackets, and many different business entity forms, including C-Corporations, Partnerships, LLC's, Limited Partnerships, and S-Corporations. We are also Estate and Trust tax experts.

Tax Notices, Liens and Levies

More tax notices are generated today than ever before. Sometimes you just need a little help. Sometimes you need a whole lot …and fast! You might be permanently giving up your rights as a taxpayer by not responding to tax notices promptly. Ignoring tax notices is not an option. National Tax Preparers is here to help.

Penalty and Interest Removal

You may have a legitimate reason for abating penalties and interest. You may not. Even if you do, being able to effectively communicate your circumstances to the IRS, in their language, plays a major role in finally being able to successfully remove those penalties and interest. You have to speak their language, and that can take years of experience. That's why we're here.

Offers in Compromise

Staring at a mountain of tax debt with little means of paying it off? An Offer-in-Compromise just might be the answer. We'll let you know if that is the best course of action. But if there's a more effective approach, we can advise you of that as well. We'll give it to you straight. That's simply how we do business.

IRS Representation and Consultation

Maybe you're trying to deal with the IRS yourself, or with another state agency, for a tax return you or someone else prepared. That can be like walking on a tight-rope. Once you take a step, right or wrong, there's no taking it back. You may want to take that first step yourself, but the question is should you? You won't be able to take it back. We can help you with that!