Software Download Instructions
First Time User Set-Up

In order to ensure you are going to have a successful tax season there are few steps that will need to be executed first.

  1. Download the thin client download for your office using the username and password.
    2. Here is the User Id and Password for your think client activation
  2. Initial Login will be:User ID:Password:
    1. Once file is downloaded/installed please extract.
    2. You may have to press enter at least 10 times when message comes up about update.
    3. Once the username and password box pop up input the user id and password provided to you above.
    4. You will only have to download this once to your device.
    5. If you are having trouble with the software download, please contact the tax support hotline at (206) 203-6885

    Once the software was successfully downloaded:

    1. In your work email inbox you should already have an email from com.
    2. If you have not already accessed your work email account, to access your work email, go to the browser and input the address for your company.



If you work for National Tax Preparers of America, the website will be:

Enter your work email and password provided to you:


[email protected]


After finding the email from you will:

  1. Go back to the software and start second process on to downloading and first process of two-verification login.
  2. The Tax Client Icon will be on your desktop. Open the icon and in the pop up window enter your work email and password provided to you from
  3. Final step after login in to mytaxofficeonline.comenter your tax software username and password provided to you by the owner/manager.

You will only need to enter the User ID and password for the location once. You will always sign on with your email and password, then with your software username and password